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Battle format

Post by Kinhachi on Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:43 pm

This purpose of this post is to guide users to more informative and entertaining battles. First off if only the characters have been chosen then the battle is completely restricted to canon feats only.
You need to make the battles as fair as possible. You shouldn't put to many characters to keep the battle simply and adding to many would mean the battle becomes more unpredictable. Making stipulations without specifying a character means all characters are affected.

Characters: Batman vs Superman

This section is to name all characters in this battle. Along with the characters you will give the version of that character. If a version is not chosen then the most recent canon character is assumed to be used.

State of morality: In character

This section you select the state of mind ur characters are in. This is important because there are characters that refuse to kill and if in character will not kill at all. If that character is bloodlusted then he fights to kill.

Prep time: Batman(none) Superman(1 day)

This section you decide how much time the characters have to prepare for the battle. This can give an edge to the weaker characters.

Gear: Batman(mobius chair) Superman(yellow lantern ring)

This section is for the the weapons and items the characters is allowed to bring into battle. If there is none selected then they are only allowed to use what there use normally. Example would be Batman can use his utility belt, while superman has no items. Most importantly the characters can only use items and weapons they used in any version. So no DC characters can use the infinity gauntlet as no one has the knowledge or ability to use it.

Setting: Apokalips. Can use anything as a weapon.

Most people forget about the time, location, bystanders and other resources like outside help which does have an impact on the fight. If none are chosen then that characters are in an a desolate area with no one around and no other resources.

Additional rules: Boundaries stratosphere of planet outside city. No time limit.

This section is where all other additional rules are. Putting boundaries and time limits adds difficult and limits the options.

Victory conditions: Kill, Knockout or BFR(battlefeild removal)

Adding victory conditions makes each battle more unique than another. Not selecting any makes the default kill or Knockout the victory conditions. If any boundaries are made then BFR(battlefeild remaval) is always applied.

The final section is completely optional and doesn't really matter. It an intro a starting story that leads up to the battle.

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