Gokus destructive capabilities

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Gokus destructive capabilities

Post by Kinhachi on Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:53 pm



Elder kai was sealed in the z sword when he was weaker than buu. He was sealed by beerus because he decided that destroying the kaioshin realm wasnt proper.


The world where the Kaioushin, the highest ranking beings among the Kaiou, live. Its scope is about one-tenth of the combined space of the World Beyond and the Living World.

This includes several realms and the universe.

For these calculations I will lowball and downplay to prove accuracy and to remove any assumptions/discrepancies

1/10 of the living world and the world beyond. The universe is only a fraction that. So we will make it the entire thing.

This was when beerus was weaker than buu so we will make that his current.

Our universe has an estimate of 100 billion galaxies. 1/10 is 10 billion galaxies.

There is a dispute of how much power beerus used when he fights ssj3 goku. We will lower that to only .01% of his power.


Beerus DC was 1 million galaxies. And we will cut that in half making ssj3 goku x500,000 galaxies.


Base goku in buu arc is a 1,250 galaxy buster

EDIT: elder kai was sealed 75 million years ago


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